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GCh. Engine Company Charge the Lines Bret D CGC


Whelped: 3-2-09

BAER: Bi-Lateral

Color: Liver & White

Eyes: Brown

Thursday 12/10/09

Lorain County Kennel Club


1 pt

Detroit Kennel Club

March 6, 2010

Hydro goes WB/BW for 1 pt

Judge Kent Delaney

March 7, 2010

Hydro goes WB/BW for 1 pt

Judge Mrs. Doris Cozart

Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, Hydro goes WB for 2 pts under

Judge Mrs. Michelle Billings

July 16, 2010

Grand River Kennel Club

Hydro goes WB/BOS for

3 point Major

Under Judge Mrs. Rita Holloway

Columbiana County Kennel Club

Friday 08/06/10

Engine Co Charge The Lines Bret D


WB for a 3 pt Major

Under Judge Mr. Joe C. Walton

Western Reserve Kennel Club

Sunday Dec. 18, 2010



3 pt Major

Under Judge:

Mr. Edward Lyons Jr.

Rubber City Kennel Club

Saturday Jan. 8, 2011

Engine Co Charge The Lines Bret D


WB/BW for 1 pt To Finish

Under Judge Mr. Lawrence Stanbridge

 Hydro is co-owned with (Marie) Debbie Zink of Bret D Dalmatians

Future Breeding

Spring 2013


Ch. Santins Clown N Around RMOX

Saturday August 13, 2011

Western Reserve Dalmatian Club Speciality

Ch. Engine Co Charge the Lines Bret D ‘Hydro’ Select Bitch

Cleveland Crown Classic

12-16-11 Fri Medina Kennel Club

12-17-11 Sat Richland County Kennel Club

12-18-11 Sun Western Reserve Kennel Club

Ch. Engine Co Charge the Lines Bret D


Best of Opposite Sex

Judges:  Dr. Albert P. Bianchi, Mrs. Ann D Hearn, and Mrs. Karen S. McFarlane


 Rubber City Kennel Club

 Mrs. Ruth Zimmerman