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Whelped: Oct. 9, 2007

Eyes: Dark Brown

BAER: Bi-Lateral

Tanker came to me with the hopes of being my next show boy but as fate would have it he went over sized. He did manage to get a point before growing beyond the limits. Although Tank will never be a Champion he has won a place in hearts and is staying with us to continue to do therapy work and obedience. He is in advanced obedience and we are planning on putting several titles on him before the end of this year. He may be a BIG boy but structurally he is very sound and will look beautiful in the obedience and rally ring. There is nothing more satisfying than the bond between dog and handler in the obedience ring.

Look out for Tank in the Obedience Ring!

He Loves to please his family!

Engine Co N Zdars First Response, CGC